Once upon a time there was Matcha tea

Matcha tea powder became a huge trend in the Western world the last years, and Denmark couldn’t be an exception to that flow. But is it only a hot upcoming trend or something more? We did some digging and we learned that matcha tea has an ancient history and that’s why it is so special.  So let us introduce you to the world of matcha.

An Ancient friend
Starting from the beginning, matcha is a natural stone ground green tea that comes from Japan. Its purity is obvious even from its name since “ma” means powder and “cha” means tea. It was over 5000 years ago since Zen Monk Eisai imported it to Japan from Yunnan in Southern China and planted it on the temple grounds in Kyoto. That period, monks were familiar with various of natural plants which they powdered and applied them as bandages for healing purposes. This is how matcha was born as well. Zen Monk Eisai was the first one that tried it as a drink. Only some years later other people followed. After that, Buddhist monks and matcha became bonded. Except for being a natural remedy, it kept them alert during long periods of meditation.

A superstar is born

Over the next centuries, matcha’s glory days continued with traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, known as ‘Chado’ or the ‘Way of Tea’.

The tea ceremony is designed to bring you into a stage of harmony by keeping a balance between the inner and outer world. It is a formal traditional way to celebrate the change. The extraordinary in the ordinary and also to appreciate the beauty of simple things. There are four fundamental Chado principles: harmony, respect, purity, and tranquillity. We respect these principles through the whole ceremony. And of course, the matcha tea as the main beverage of the ceremony wasn’t a random choice! It increases the meditation stage, triggers the alertness and at the same time gives a sense of calmness.

For all these reasons, matcha went all the way up to the Japanese Samurai warriors and elite. On the other hand, lower class had passion and ambition for matcha. When someone has educated in the art of Matcha then that person could improve the social and cultural situation. As a result Matcha ceremonies become a refined art in Japan.

The secret of matcha

That’s exactly where the secret of matcha tea lies: in the art of preparing the tea. It is designed in such a way to make us slow down from the pace of everyday life and find our inner peace and harmony. Since we are familiar with meditation techniques now more than ever, matcha comes to help us find those mindful moments that we need. After all, spend some time and organise small ‘ceremonies’ at home. Simply by heating water to the right temperature, scooping the powder and whisk it into a frothy tea. Sounds relaxing. Don’t you agree?

And that’s exactly what Urban Matcha devoted to do! We are delivering premium quality organic matcha to you and help you energise, focus and stay healthy while you find peace and harmony as monks and Samurai warriors did centuries ago.

Stay tuned to get more information about matcha and become more familiar with that ancient heritage that can make the difference in your life. For now, feel free to check how to make a traditional matcha tea here.

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