How to prepare traditional matcha tea

It is known, that matcha tea is a superior green tea. Traditional matcha has been consumed by Japanese monks for more than a millennium due to its numerous health benefits. They used it for their tea ceremonies and before their meditation sessions in order to enhance their ability to concentrate and stay focused.

As a result, the preparation process is simple but also quite special in order to have the right taste and to keep all the good substances.

Here is how we like to prepare our matcha tea in a traditional way, step by step. First, put your favourite music, follow the steps below and then enjoy the special taste notes of the traditional matcha green tea.


1g of premium matcha powder (1/2 tsp.)
200-250ml hot water (70-80o not more)
1 traditional matcha bowl, alternative – a cup
Bamboo whisk, alternative – mini electric mixer
Strainer (to have perfectly beautiful powder without any chunks)
Sugar or honey

Place the matcha powder into the bowl through the strainer. Pour a bit of water, approximately 5mm covering the powder. Mix the powder and water using a traditional bamboo whisk in fast zig-zag movements. When your matcha is lighter and foamy, add the rest of the water. Then add sugar or honey, as you prefer and slightly mix it. Enjoy the beautiful taste of matcha tea!

To prepare this recipe of traditional matcha you can find all the necessary tools in our starter kit.



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