Calm is a superpower – How to keep yours?

Calm is a superpower – How to keep yours?

How to keep your calm in the midst of the holiday season?

Staying calm when you are still missing most of the presents, and the shops are crowded is nothing short of superpower.
If you are like most of us, you might find the period leading up to the holidays stressful and nervewracking.
This is why we jotted down our top 3 tips to stay calm when it starts to get overwhelming.
1. Remember the important things
Do you feel like everything is about the presents, the food, the drinks, and the most perfect (“oh please not the same as last year”) decorations? It’s time to stop for a second and remind everyone that Christmas is not about these things, or at least not only. It’s about spending quality time with family, reflecting on our year and catching up with old friends.
At the end of the day, it won’t matter what’s on the menu or how many bottles of wine we bought.
2. Ensure “alone-time”
Oh yes, the family can be a bit too much sometimes, I agree. That’s why I picked up a new habit a couple of years ago, and it’s so simple.
I structure my day, so I will have 30 to 60 minutes for myself when I go for a brisk walk on my own. I listen to a podcast (here are few to get inspired), turn on my favourite tunes or get lost in my thoughts.
Protect your me-time even during the holidays, and you will probably have more patience with your relatives.
3. Sip matcha as a morning ritual
Even though it’s a centuries-old tradition, Western culture adjusted it to the modern lifestyle. Nowadays, many of us drink matcha as a quick fix.
Go back to the roots of the tradition, and prepare your matcha the traditional way. Spending just a few minutes preparing, whisking and sipping the tea, will help you to get away from the madness around the holidays.
Oh, and of course, matcha tastes better when it’s shared!

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