How to make tasty Matcha Summer Lemonade

Matcha lemonade in glassesIt does not always take sunshine and warm temperatures to have a tasty summer bowl (especially when you live in Denmark). Here is a simple recipe for a yummy and refreshing Matcha Lemonade your friends and family will love. Let´s jump right to it!

What you need:

For 1 glass of Matcha Lemonade

1/2 tbs. (1 g) premium matcha powder
1 lime
Peppermint leaves
1 tbs. agave syrup
50 ml hot water (70-80 °C)
250 ml cold water
Ice cubes


lemonade summer bowl made of matcha

How to prepare your Matcha Lemonade:

Take out your favorite cocktail glass and put some ice cubes in it. Whisk up the matcha in a bowl, by adding 1 g (1/2 tbs.) of traditional matcha powder and a bit of hot water (70-80 °C). The trick to preparing a delicious Matcha Lemonade is to make the tea first, then add cold water later. Check out how to prepare your matcha tea. Squeeze 1/2 a lime in your glass and add some mint leaves to it. Then pour the matcha in your glass and add the agave syrup. Finally, fill up with cold water. Stir it and top up with the other half of the lime slices and some additional mint.

Watch the video below for a visual guidance. Enjoy the refreshing taste of iced matcha lemonade! 🙂


Watch our video here

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