Hojicha Te

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The smoky, roasty flavours make hojicha the hottest tea in our selection of Japanese green leaf teas. This Japanese delicacy is made by roasting sencha green tea leaves and in this toasting process the leaves take on a reddish-brown colour and a unique woody aroma. But we can assure you: it’s still a green tea, it just looks brown.

Net weight: 60 g

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The roasting process lowers the caffeine content in the tea leaves which makes hojicha a perfect beverage for a cosy evening.

Shorter infusions (1-2 minutes) of hojicha may produce a slightly “fresher” spectrum of flavours, while longer infusions (3 minutes or more) will be nuttier and more intensive. Reinfusion is possible up to two more times.

Infusion facts

Country of origin: Japan
Contents: 100% organic green tea
Net weight: 60 g

Quantity: 2-3g / 150ml
Infusion time : 1 – 3 min
Temperature of infusion: 75-90 C


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