Kukicha Te

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This mild and soothing Kukicha tea is from the finest selection of twigs and stems of the tea bushes harvested late in the season, when the plant’s caffeine level is at its lowest. The twigs are steamed and dried to develop their flavour, then roasted and mixed with green tea leaves.

When brewed you will get a beautiful shade of emerald with a fresh and smooth texture, with a fresh and slightly nutty flavour. Want to have a smooth finish of your lunch or dinner? Then this will be your after meals to-go.

Net weight: 60g

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Infusion facts

Country of origin: Japan
Contents: 100% organic green tea
Net weight: 60g

Quantity: 2-3g / 150ml
Infusion time : 2 – 3 min
Temperature of infusion: 80-90 C


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