Sencha No. 21

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Sweet and mildly grassy organic green tea with a slightly salty flavour. No wonder why it is one of the most well-loved tea in Japan – oh, the little favourite!

When infused, our Sencha gives a full-bodied flavour and a greenish golden colour. Sencha makes a perfect morning companion especially if you like to start your day healthy.

Net weight: 60g

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A bit behind the scenes

Sencha was first used in the 17th century when the tea leaf was brought over to Japan from China. Before that, matcha was the preferred drink of choice in Japan (which we can totally understand, we LOVE matcha too). However, when sencha got available, it became a go-to for the Japanese. This is because the tea didn’t require any kind of preparation in advance, so it could be enjoyed right away. Today sencha is still the most popular tea and in fact, 80% of all tea that comes from Japan is sencha.

Infusion facts

Country of origin: Japan
Contents: 100% organic green tea
Net weight: 60g

Quantity : 2-3g / 150ml
Infusion time : 2 min
Temperature of infusion: 70 – 80 C


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